About Monjunis

Monjunis has a long great history.  Its original store is located in a building constructed in the early 1920s. Back then it was called The Jay Hawk Cafe and served up “honkey tonk” good times. Even though the building has largely remained unchanged – the food and the people certainly have.
Today, Monjunis celebrates over twenty years of serving up a great Italian menu to a loyal and expanding customer base. We love our patrons – many have become our close family friends.
It’s hard to believe but on any given week we make over 7000 of our award-winning meatballs and server over 1000 orders of our famous Lasagna. Trust me, that is a lot of sauce!

And as we grow, we will continually update our website making it easier for our customers to stay in formed and keeping it simple to order our products online